Sunday, May 22, 2011

What is the name of your food blog?

Okay. Okay. I know. I blog about food a lot. But, I am in a new country so I like to try new food. The entire five people who read this blog must take notice of my frequent mention of food because my Editor-In-Chief at the Daily Helmsman, Scott Carroll, wrote on my facebook wall:
                                                           "Your blog is nothing but pictures of food.

                                                                                Well played..."
And then, Dr. Arant asked me "What is th ename of your food blog?"   But, whatever. Since the word is getting around, let me update you on my latest food experience.

#1. Chicken Parmigiana.
There is no coincidence that I listed this masterpiece first.  Though not an authentic German meal, it is the absolute best meal I've had here thus far, hands down. If only I knew what that bottom green sauce was, maybe I'd become a cook. (Jody, if you are reading this -- don't get your hopes up.)  And then, they put some kind of sweet purple sauce dripped around the edge which tasted so good mixed with the other flavors.  Any way, I'll stop before I get hungry again but this dish was DELICIOUS! 

#2. Pork loin with homemade German noodles.

So, this was at a fancy restaurant we went to. The meat was good, but I have to say that I did not enjoy the noodles at all (which was one of the main reasons I ordered this.) I believe they are called spƤtzle, but I could be wrong. And, it may have just been the way this particular place cooked them but they were very bland.  So, this would be my first and probably only complaint about any food I've eaten here thus far.

#3.GELATO! =]

I know that I've blogged about gelato before, but I hadn't had any like this yet. This bad boy cost 10 Euros (about $14!)  Me and Hannah shared it.   It is very safe to say it didn't last long. Take a look at the after photo.

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