Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A cruise to Bacharach

Tuesday on our last free day here in Mainz, Dr. Arant took us on a Rhine River cruise to the cutest little town called Bacharach. It was about a two hour ride down the river, and we must have seen at least ten castles. The scenery was really pretty. We had to board at 8:45, but the sun was out and it only got a little chilly when the boat started moving because of the wind. For the longest time there weren't many people on the boat at all and then as we made it to different cities and different stops it started to fill up. Hannah, Christina and I soon realized we were the youngest ones on the cruise.. but we didn't mind.

We finally arrived to Bacharach and my first thought was, "Aww this is so cute." The town was so small, we walked all over it and there were so many old people and it was so peaceful and quiet! The first thing we did was hike up to the castle. And man, was it a hike!!

We were soo proud when we made it up, that we had to show off our strength. (haha) And, this was only about half way up.

But, when we did make it to the top it was rewarding. The view was great!

On the way down we saw this church place. I thought it looked really cool.

And then of course we ate. I finally had sauerkraut with my bratwurst. After that we went souvnenir shopping. I got my grandma and brother-in-law, Ivan's, gifts from Germany, but I won't say what they are in case they read this.I also got Daniel, my nephew his gift. I had already gotten the other nephews and neice a gift from Germany, but I hadn't found Daniel the perfect one yet.
I hope he likes it! I got "Sir Daniel" engraved on the sword for him!

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