Sunday, May 8, 2011

Germans are big on breakfast

Germans are big on breakfast. This is what Linda told me when I woke up (which wasn't until 2 p.m. German time.) We made a big spread of stuff. First we cooked crescent rolls in the oven along with Broetchen, which is just a type of dark wheat bread with seeds on top.
We had fruit (pears, apples, bananas and strawberries) and different types of lunch meat (a version of honey smoked ham and bologna) with swiss cheese to pick from.

We laid out cream cheese and pepperoni cream cheese as well as some AMAZING homemade strawberry jam of her mothers. I told her I need to take some of her mom's jam home because it was so tasty.

After we finished setting everything up we put it all on the little table outside on her balcony. So we ate in the sun and it was really nice.

Here is the set up, it was too cute. I had two HUGE cups of coffee, so hopefully I will stay up all night. Although since I slept about twenty two hours I think I should be able to do that.
After the crescent roll and AMAZING jam I ate one of the Broetchen's with swiss cheese and a bologna type of meat. It was yummy.

And no, Linda didn't think I was a dork taking all of these photos at breakfast. Or.. she may have, but she didn't tell me so. She studied abroad when she was 16 in Trumann, Arkansas. It was such a coincidence since I am from Arkansas and she had already known I was from Marion because of Facebook, so that was pretty neat. We talked about the differences over here and how it isn't common to get married so young. Several of the German girls I met who were studying in Memphis had been dating their boyfriends for ten years. It is common to live with your boyfriend for a long time and then maybe get married if you feel like it. It is also common to have children before you are married.

Like I said, Linda told me that Germans are big on breakfast. One morning we are going to go to a buffet-style breakfast restaurant where they have EVERYTHING, she said. So I'll write about that when we go. Hopefully I won't be too much of a dork and take pictures while we are in the restaurant. But then again, don't put it past me.

Bis nächste Zeit (<-- Until next time)

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